“We hope the Church in the West would remember us in their prayers. And we hope that we would always be true brothers in Christ.”  -Father Tomie, Orthodox Priest for Zababdeh, Burqin, and Tubas, Palestinian towns in the West Bank
Merry Christmas from Salt Films

Christians like these are the living Church in the Holy Land. As you celebrate Christmas this year, know that they are also celebrating our Lord’s birth and yearning for “Peace on Earth.” Please pray for them and their continued witness during these difficult days.

“Come visit us. See how we live, how we serve Christ. Then you will see that you need us as we need you.”  -Father Firas, Greek Catholic Priest for Zababdeh, a Palestinian town in the West Bank

Fr. Firas and Fr. Tomie are two of nine believers (including men and women, young and old, from a variety of denominations) featured in the documentary film series Salt of the Earth: Palestinian Christians in the Northern West Bank. The film and its free study guide are available from Salt Films, a not-for-profit raising awareness of Holy Land Christians. Donations to Salt Films and proceeds from film sales are used to support  Holy Land churches and Christian institutions, with a priority on those who participated in the film project.